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  • ID NumberHouse NameSexAgeCurrent Body Weight*Current Body Condition* 
    *Current body weight in grams or kilograms. Current body condition on scale from 1 to 9, where 1 is emaciated, 5 is ideal, and 9 is morbidly obese.
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  • Animal IDCondition/DiseaseDate DiagnosedMedication Name, Dose, Route, Freq. 
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  • Diet and Enrichment Information

  • Instructions for the following questions:

    • The "amount" provided must be measured by weight, as obtained using a gram scale.
    • For each food item, provide the TOTAL weight of each ingredient fed daily.
    • All food items will be assumed to be group fed, even if separate feeding locations, because of the opportunity for cross-over, and consumed in equal amounts by all animals, unless otherwise specified.

    Possible scenarios to troubleshoot:

    • Unlabeled cup or scoop: First measure the amount held in that cup/scoop - for example, “½ scoop” may actually represent a true 1 cup, as measured. Then weigh the volume of diet item held within that container.
    • Abstract unit of measure (e.g. “one handful”), take one handful of the item and obtain the gram weight of that handful 5 days in a row. If different individuals are doing the feeding, make sure that each individual’s handful is represented. Then calculate the average weight (grams) per handful by summing the gram weights from each of the 5 days, and diving by 5. Provide that average weight as the “Amount” below.
    • Hay/browse: For each type of hay/browse item, use either hook scale or flat platform scale and obtain average weight over 5 days.

  • Describe all brands, product names, amounts, and frequency for ALL commercial foods offered as a part of regular diet.
    ManufacturerProduct NameForm AmountFrequency 
  • List types of hay and browse offered
    Producer/DistributorStateType of HayAmountFrequencyMonths Offered 
  • List all other food items offered as a part of regular diet, including leafy greens, cut vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, insects, etc.
    Food itemPreparation*Amount/Weight (grams)Freq per dayDays per week 
  • *Please provide information on how food items are prepared (whole vs. chopped, cooked vs. raw, live vs. frozen/thawed, etc.).
  • List other food items not already described that are offered enrichment, and/or medication purposes
    Food itemPreparationAmount/Weight (grams)Frequency 
  • Water and Supplement Information

  • ManufacturerTypeDoseFrequency